Welcome to Steelcare Trading

01. About Us

We supply our customers and patrons the best and standard quality of construction materials in Cagayan De Oro City at the best competitive price available for both end users, property developers and wholesalers.

Steelcare Trading started as a contractor for general construction supplies and currently an emerging small manufacturing roofing supplier. We have had our fair share of experiences in learning about the market of pre-painted galvanized steels and generally steel trading in the Philippines.

As a perceived market leader in the region, the company saw the prices of steels quite high and affordable options with depreciations.

We are determined to establish the business focused on the “WHY”, to why we want to support this industry by providing quality roof supplies through cost efficient and accessible avenues for any demographic.

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by Jason Lim General Manager
About Our Working Ethics

02. Business Pledge

Steelcare Trading stands by our commitment to enable excellence building long-term relationships with our customers.

  • Modern Services
  • Reliable Delivery
  • Reasonable Contracts
  • High Quality Products

We avoid working with big corporations who operates more as a brand manager for mass markets. Instead, we work directly with selected contractors, property developers and hardware who share our commitment to quality, direct sourcing of great quality and value of cost of materials.

All our raw materials are imported with papers backing up the technical specification and materials are all tested with the right devices to determine if the product is what we imported from China without any depreciation of the quality. And our online stores are all completely authentic to what you order is what you get. We keep a close eye on our products and listen to our customer’s feedback. We don’t sell roof panels and sidings if it has damages. As a customer, you have a right to get a the best roof supplies at your neighborhood, trusting and investing your money to our products and we’re committed to providing it to you.